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cleanliness and hygiene
We are the trading company Seneka spol. s.r.o. engaged in trade in the area of cleanliness, hygiene, packaging and product protection
Chemistry (cleaning, disinfection)
Paper packaging, disposable tableware
Adhesive and binding tapes
Aids (cleaning)
For sanitary facilities
For healthcare
Industry, trade, healthcare
Garbage bags
Cleaning technology
Razor blades, industrial knives

Company profile

The company SENEKA Ústí spol. s r.o. is a trading organization. It provides complex services in the area of cleaning and sanitation, packaging and product protection, and also the purchase of goods for the purpose of its sales and the sale of it.

The basic assortment of the company is divided into several lines:

  1. Carry-away packaging
  2. Paper packaging, labels and one-way table-ware
  3. Industrial and food-processing foils
  4. Bags for waste separation and wastebasket bags
  5. Small-sized cleaning equipment
  6. Cleaning chemicals
  7. Supplies for the health service sector
  8. Supplies for sanitary conveniences
  9. Auxiliary products for cleaning
  10. Adhesive and binding tapes
  11. Cloth, dosing and sanitary systems for the industry, health service sector and commercial sector
  12. Blades and industrial knives for the production of car windows
  13. Auxiliary supplies and packaging
  14. Office supplies
  15. Protective equipment and accessories

In the last years, the market in the Czech Republic has shown a tendency towards more environmentally friendly forms of waste disposal. Especially in connection with the EU accession, this trend will continue. Also, modern systems for packaging and for the protection of goods and products have been used on a wider scale in last years. We should mention a few areas where the trend is felt most intensively:

  1. Utilization of cloth systems:
    The existing way of the liquidation of fatty dirt with the help of cleaning rags and cleaning wool is being substituted with cloth systems. Cloths have high absorption capacity and are always supplied in the same size and quality, they enable economical operation and 100% utilization, without the risk of non-absorbing textiles, they have no zippers and buttons. One-way cloths avoid injuries otherwise caused with metal filings that can be released from metal parts.
    Cloths for repeated use have high absorption capacity and excellent absorbing power for different kinds of fluids, the majority of cloths is stable and does not lose fibers while cleaning. The manipulation with cloths is simple and their use is more economical. One-way cloths are ideal for wiping of surfaces and hands in places with strict hygienic requirements. The use of containers and stands for cloths guarantees their economical utilization and a high degree of comfort.

  2. Use of packaging foils and fixing tapes
    In order to enhance the security and protection of goods and products in the store and during manipulation various types of protection and fixing foils as well as taping systems are widely used. Previously, goods were fixed with metal tapes and they were protected against weather effects with sheets and tarpaulins made from rubber-covered textiles etc. Modern products guarantee safe and protected shipment of goods to the customer. Products are suitable for the packaging of goods of different sizes and and shapes. The goods are protected against mechanical damage and weather effects. Manipulation with these products is simple and the advantage is that practically all these products are made of recyclable materials so that there are no problems with their liquidation.
    Manual and mechanical draft foils are used for high-capacity packaging. Shrinking foils are used for products with variable shape. PE foils serve for covering large surfaces. Bubble and foam foils can protect fragile goods.
    Fixation of goods in cardboard boxes is done with PES fixing elements. PES and PP tapes for the fixation of heavy-weight material. Self-adhesive and moisturizing tapes for the closing and sticking of cardboard boxes.

  3. Use of bags for the separation of waste materials
    The use of colored polyurethane bags is the elementary way of the separation of different waste materials from industrial waste to municipal waste.

  4. Use of professional cleaning chemical products
    Modern environmentally friendly cleaning is characterized by the use of chemical products on the basis of biologically removable agents.
    The company has been active on the market of the products for several years and has created business relations and contacts that enable the company, in combination with the quality of the provided services and goods, to remain competitive. The company´s market area is mainly the Czech Republic that has still an enormous potential for the company activities. The Czech market is in the stage of gradual new customer penetration, especially among big industrial companies with foreign capital investment that require services on the same level as they get in their countries. The company is able to meet their requirement and fulfill their needs.
    Products are consumer goods and the market is continually unsaturated so that the company can continuously increase the production volume.
    The company offers an assortment of products of the highest quality as we are distributors of the leading producers like Kimberly Clark, Mure et Peyrot, Henkel.
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